Donation Queue

Want to know who is receiving our “sole to sole” donations?  Scroll through our queue and tell us where you want to send your socks!  You will find the contact person, their branch and a little bit of information about them & their unit when possible.  We also donate to a few different organizations as you will see below.  With your support we can fulfill all of these donations!

Curves N Combatboots
Sock Donation 100%

Curves N Combatboots, a Veteran/Active Duty owned apparel company, uses a portion of the proceeds from their R.E.D. collection to send care packages to deployed troops.  Write “Curves” at checkout and help us fill this great company’s care packages our socks! 

Operation Gratitude
Sock Donation 100%

Operation Gratitude:  Help us support them and Make Every Minute Count.  If you are unable to volunteer, this is a simple but powerful way to help fill care packages for our Deployed Troops, Military Families, Veterans, Wounded Heroes and Caregivers, First Responders, and Recruit Graduates nationwide.  Make sure to put “Operation Gratitude” in the comments at checkout to help put SOLEDIER SOCKS in their care packages!

Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc.
Sock Donation 63%

The Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. (MWDTSA) sends care packages on a quarterly basis to military working dog teams that are deployed in global combat zones. Our care packages include items for the dog and handler, such as collapsible water bowls, dog grooming products, coffee, t-shirts, electrolyte supplements, snacks and treats. Our care packages are put together based on feedback that we receive from our handlers and one requested item always stands out: socks! Having a fresh, new pair of socks is an integral piece of the puzzle for these teams that are out on patrol for hours at a time. Thank you for helping us support both ends of the leash!

Colin F. – U.S. Army
Sock Donation 62%

Currently stationed at Fort Knox, KY, Colin is seeking donations for a company of 200 12B combat engineers. They are always on their feet whether it be rucking or running – and go through socks like crazy! Colin told us that some in the unit already have and wear SOLEDIER SOCKS – and they love them! “The standard issue ones just can’t hold up to the rigor of our jobs. SOLEDIER SOCKS hold up very well and always look great”! Help us get some much needed quality socks onto the feet of these combat engineers!

Madeline W. – U.S. Navy
Sock Donation 77%

These socks are for a supply unit aboard the USS Nimitz. They will be deploying at some point in the future and spend long days on their feet! Madeline is new to the unit and would like to provide comfort to her shipmates!

Michelle B. – U.S. Navy
Sock Donation 67%

Michelle is requesting socks for her son’s unit aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. They are on their 3rd deployment extension and their ship store is “basically empty”. They are in desperate need of many creature comforts, and socks are at the top of the list!

Operation Turbo
Sock Donation 1%

Operation Turbo: Shipping “Boxes of Home” to deployed US Military stationed around the world.  Too many deployed service members do not receive any mail during the day to day grind of deployment. When you are away from family, friends, and the comforts of home for six months to a year, it can mean the world to get some of the comforts of the good old US of A.  Make sure to write “Operation Turbo” in your order to help put a pair of SOLEDIER SOCKS in each one of their care packages.

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