Donation Queue

Want to know who is receiving our “sole to sole” donations?  Scroll through our queue and tell us where you want to send your socks!  You will find the contact person, their branch and a little bit of information about them & their unit when possible.  We also donate to a few different organizations as you will see below.  With your support we can fulfill all of these donations!

Curves N Combatboots
Sock Donation 17%

Curves N Combatboots, a Veteran/Active Duty owned apparel company, uses a portion of the proceeds from their R.E.D. collection to send care packages to deployed troops.  Write “Curves” at checkout and help us fill this great company’s care packages our socks! 

Operation Gratitude
Sock Donation 21%

Operation Gratitude:  Help us support them and Make Every Minute Count.  If you are unable to volunteer, this is a simple but powerful way to help fill care packages for our Deployed Troops, Military Families, Veterans, Wounded Heroes and Caregivers, First Responders, and Recruit Graduates nationwide.  Make sure to put “Operation Gratitude” in the comments at checkout to help put SOLEDIER SOCKS in their care packages!

Patrick D. - U.S. Army
Sock Donation 100%

Patrick is currently deployed in a small group and needs some of our socks!  When on missions, the socks they have just don’t hold up!  They have seen ours and have heard all the great things that have said and think SOLEDIER SOCKS performance boot socks will make the difference.  Let’s get Patrick and his unit some socks ASAP!  Type “Patrick D.” at check out to have your donations head his way!

Jovon M. - U.S. Army
Sock Donation 100%

Jovon is a part of a small unit of Army Drill Sergeants currently stationed out on Ft Jackson army base located in Columbia SC. The team is on a special mission training Navy sailors on basic army tactics to deploy overseas.  Jovon’s unit has asked for some of our performance boot socks to help make their training more comfortable.  To help Jovon get his care package ASAP, type “Jovon M.” at check out!

Alex C. - U.S. Air Force
Sock Donation 100%

Alex is a part of a USAF Security Force and has been a recipient of our socks when deployed.  The were a life saver when she was deployed!  Now that she is home safely, she wants to get some to give to the others that she works with.  Let’s help Alex elevate her units sock drawer by sending them some of our performance boot socks!  To help Alex get her care package ASAP, type “Alex C.” at check out!

Operation Turbo
Sock Donation 100%

Operation Turbo: Shipping “Boxes of Home” to deployed US Military stationed around the world.  Too many deployed service members do not receive any mail during the day to day grind of deployment. When you are away from family, friends, and the comforts of home for six months to a year, it can mean the world to get some of the comforts of the good old US of A.  Make sure to write “Operation Turbo” in your order to help put a pair of SOLEDIER SOCKS in each one of their care packages.

Mason S. - U.S. Air Force
Sock Donation 100%

Mason is currently doing a 365 in Pakistan at a Pakistani Air base where his unit has to rely on products and services from the locals which do not meet the America standards. We wear civilian attire for work due to the nature of our duty. Getting more clothes in even if it’s just socks would bright up peoples day around here. Mail only comes in a few times a month so when ever it does come in it’s a big deal.  Type “Mason S.” at check out and let’s make it a big deal to Mason & his units some socks and brighten their spirits! 

Jonathan F. - U.S. Army
Sock Donation 100%

Jonathan reached out to get socks for his team, who as members of the nations premier Task Force are conducting counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan.  They need socks that are dependable, comfortable and ready for anything as they complete special operations missions targeting known enemies of the United States of America.  Luckily for this team, we have those socks and just need your help!  Together we can get Jonathan and his team the socks they need by writing “Jonathan F.” at checkout.  

Brian M. - U.S. Army
Sock Donation 100%

Brian is currently on a team that is advising the Iraqi Army.  With missions lasting multiple days, they need a supply of reliable, comfortable socks that are second to none.  These guys are putting in the hard work and teaching others what they know.  Let’s help them stay cool and comfortable by getting the best performance boot sock available!  Write “Brian M.” at checkout to send your socks to Brian & his team!

Lindsay H. - U.S. Air Force
Sock Donation 100%

Lindsay is currently deployed and is requesting socks to be sent out for a communications squadron that she is deployed with.  Lindsay, who received our socks a few months back, is working on spreading the SOLEDIER SOCKS love on base.  She rocks our socks everyday and is making it a point that everyone she talks to on deployment, gets themselves a pair (or 10)!   Write “Lindsay H.” at checkout to finish getting her care package filled and delivered!

Chad c. - U.S. Army
Sock Donation 100%

Chad, from the 82nd Airborne Division, is deployed pulling the guard duty and guardian angle mission for us in Afghanistan.  He witnessed one of the his fellow soldiers walking by after the gym with holes in their black duty socks and felt this is unsatisfactory for soldiers to have poorly made socks.  When they are on duty for 12 hours a day, they should have the most comfortable, longest lasting socks on the market.  He is hoping with your help, we can provide fresh, clean, incredible socks to this paratrooper unit.  Please comment “Chad C.” at check out to help us get Chad and his team SOLEDIER SOCKS

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