Hear from some of our previous recipients of how SOLEDIER SOCKS have made a difference in their daily lives.

After hearing first hand how important our incredible socks are to our troops, please read the queue of current service members who need your help filling their care packages. Your puchase is helping protect the feet of our troops and boosting morale with care packages provided by your support!

“I looovvveee them! So comfy and breathable. SOLEDIER SOCKS is all I wear now because they are the comfiest sock every!”
Arianna N.
US Army
“These are the best socks every made! Thank you to everyone who made my care package possible!”
Lindsey H.
“Thank you for the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. Please thank everyone for the support that made this happen!”
Jahon M.

Brendan M.

USS Theodore Roosevelt

% Donation Box Filled… 40.9%

Brendan is a part of of NMCB 1 and is currently deployed.  While deployed, the detachment is responsible for various construction projects as well as working around the clock providing transport and assisting the sailors on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt.  Our socks are a simple but impactful way to thank them for their hard work especially during these troubling times.  Please select “Brendan M.” when making your purchase to get their packaged filled and shipped soon!

Brendan F.

Unknown Location

% Donation Box Filled… 100%

Brendan is part of a rescue team that was tasked to deploy with short notice as a global response force.  His unit are on their feet countless hours each day.  Our socks would be greatly appreciated and would help their welfare and morale!  Make sure to select “Brendan F.” after your product selection to send him and his unit a care package from your support.



% Donation Box Filled… 100%

The Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. (MWDTSA) sends care packages on a quarterly basis to military working dog teams that are deployed in global combat zones.  The care packages include items for the dog and handler, such as collapsible water bowls, dog grooming products, coffee, t-shirts, electrolyte supplements, snacks and SOCKS!  Having a fresh, new pair of socks is an integral piece of the puzzle for these teams that are out on patrol for hours at a time.  Thank you for helping us support both ends of the leash!

Operation Gratitude


% Donation Box Filled… 72.5%

Operation Gratitude:  Help us support them and Make Every Minute Count.  If you are unable to volunteer, this is a simple but powerful way to help fill care packages for our deployed troops, military families, veterans, wounded heroes and caregivers, first responders and recruit graduates nationwide.  Make sure to select Operation Gratitude at checkout to help put SOLEDIER SOCKS in their care packages.

Operation Turbo


% Donation Box Filled… 50%

Operation Turbo:  Shipping “Boxes of Home” to deployed U.S. Military stationed around the world.  Too many deployed service members do not receive any mail during the day to day grind of deployment.  When you are away from family, friends and the comfort of home for six months to a year, it can mean the world to get some of the comforts of the good old U.S. of A.  Make sure to write “Operation Turbo” in your order to help put a pair of SOLEDIER SOCKS in each one of their care packages.