Our Story

The concept of SOLEDIER SOCKS began in 2010 when a great friend of ours was deployed overseas. While he was there, we sent him a few care packages to give him as many comforts of home as possible. In those, we packed magazines, toiletries, candy, notes…and socks! When he returned home, safe and sound, he raved about how the socks were a life-saver! He shared them with a few of his comrades, and explained how a fresh pair of socks kept their feet comfortable and dry when they were on them for long periods of time. They would bring extra pairs with them on missions and change them throughout the day. The ability to change their socks so often helped prevent trench foot. At that moment the idea of SOLEDIER SOCKS was born.

After several years of trying to find the perfect sock and manufacturer here in America, we are proud to offer these socks to you and our military. For each pair of SOLEDIER SOCKS sold, a free pair of the “Thomas” will be put on the feet of an active soldier in the U.S. military. Our goal at SOLEDIER SOCKS is to make sure that every service member, in every branch of our military, never has to worry about a new pair of socks again. Abraham Lincoln once said: “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm”. Let’s help keep those feet comfortable, dry and protected! Together, we can help all of our troops have a consistent supply of quality socks!

Thank you for trusting us with making your feet comfortable, stylish and protected.  Together, with all of your support, we have donated thousands of socks to the U.S. Military all over the world.  We have worked with some incredible nonprofits that help deliver our socks in their care packages as well as fielding requests from deployed men and women who need our socks for their units.  Take a look at some of the brave men and women that you have helped so far!