Sock Squad

The Sock Squad is a part of our monthly briefing.  We are tired of email after email from companies trying to push their stuff on us, so we promise you won’t get that with us!  Once a month we will send out an email and let you know what is going on behind the scenes, some upcoming events and most importantly, let you claim our limited supply of direct donations that will be sent out that month.  If you know someone who is deployed, email us as soon as you get our briefing and try to claim some socks!

Want to join the Sock Squad? It’s easy!

  1. Sign up for our email list by filling out the below form
  2. Read our monthly briefing.
  3. Claim one of the direct donations that are released each month (limited amount each month)

Care to get an advantage?  Make a purchase, with a valid email, and get a 24 priority window!

Join our Sock Squad