About "Pip"

“Pip” was a volunteer firefighter prior to being hired and working FT EMS in NJ. He’s been a firefighter for New Brunswick for 16 years - 6 of which as a Lieutenant. His dad was a retired firefighter/chief/director of the department and he had many uncles involved in firefighting. It wasn’t ever a question of what he wanted to do- simply a matter of where.

He’s always been involved in some sort of fitness.
He ran several marathons, did triathlons and then CrossFit. As a younger guy he did the whole lifting/bro-sessions in the gym.

Exercise is a means of release for him (in his wife's opinion) - a healthy one - and vital for his mental health. He’s found that sharing his passion with others, especially emergency responders, fills a need he probably didn’t even know he had.

His wife tells us she appreciates how much he has grown as a person and a leader since 555. His empathy and ability to “see” the big picture and appreciate the long game is something she admires.

The 555 connection - Pip messaged the founder after following his 555 Facebook account, then began helping program body weight. From there, he took over as director and has grown the organization to more than anyone could have imagined.