Our Story

In 2010, while our friend Tommy was deployed to Afghanistan, we sent him several care packages filled with toiletries, protein bars, and the most requested item: SOCKS! Tommy safely returned, thanked us for the socks, and explained how the condition of his feet improved almost immediately while on long, multi-day missions!

It was in that moment the idea of SOLEDIER SOCKS was born - sell a pair of socks, donate a pair to our troops!

Over the course of the next 1.5 years, I worked on creating the perfect boot sock, right here in the USA. We are conveniently located in North Carolina - the hosiery capital of the country - but I wasn't just looking for a factory who could make our socks.

I was looking for a partner to grow together with for many years to come. Someone who believed in me, believed in our cause and had the patience and expertise to spend an entire year with me - developing a long lasting sock to endure against the toughest elements: and thus our “Thomas” sock was born.

During the next 3 years, we grew the business through social media and some amazing mom & pop shops. New product categories were added, new socks were launched and more than 10,000 pairs of socks were donated to our troops!

In partnership with a few nonprofits supporting military and veteran communities, we found more opportunities to raise awareness and give back! We were inspired to create our Stand For a Cause line which has donated approximately $20,000 to 9 military nonprofits.

Then - 2020. As mom and pop shops closed up and the world moved online, we had to pivot. I knew I needed some help, so I mademy first hire - my husband, Mike!Mike’s successful retail career along with unique knowledge of the SOLEDIER SOCKS business (years of me venting/bouncing ideas back and forth with him) made him a perfect fit. We are now an official husband/wife team!

Since Mike came on board, Soledier Socks' impact has been at an all-time high! We expanded our mission to include donations to veterans, gave more than $7,500 to military nonprofits, and donated more pairs of socks in 2021 than the first three years combined!

The best part is - we are just getting started!